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Sales Process vs. Sales People

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Sales people or sales process which comes first

Do you have the correct sales process for your business? A lot of business owners/managers immediately look at the people when sales are slow or down. But the first thing that I check is the sales process.

In all honesty, most small to medium size businesses cannot afford an “A level” salesperson. They don’t have a six-figure salary to offer. They have to hire “B or C” salespeople. Some may think this is a bad thing, but with the correct sales process in place, a business will get the most out of their sales team. Are you getting the most out of your sales team? Do they know the sales process to follow so they can be more successful?

Some businesses may have a “sales manager” in place, but is it the right person? If a small business, is it the owner? Small business owners rarely have the time to do everything and they may not like having to handle the sales part. Did you promote your best salesperson to manager? This rarely works. Just as Michael Jordan may not be a good coach, top salespeople don’t always make good sales manager or coaches.

So how can a small business afford a top rate sales manager? They can bring aboard a fractional sales manager. You may have heard of fractional CFOs. A small business can’t afford to have a full time CFO, but they can afford some of their time. This business model has been in place for a long time. Now you can get the skills of a top notch sales manager on a part-time basis.

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