Is Your Business FAILING!

There is hope!


I know you will instantly react and say, my business if fine. No, I’m not failing. Let me explain. You may not be shutting the doors tomorrow or even next month. You may be able to get through a few more years or even longer. You may be doing fine. But is your business where you want it to be? Are you able to take time off and not worry? Is it bringing in all of the business it can?

If so, congratulations. You’re one a few businesses that are at it’s peak and have no more room for growth. You’ve achieved all of your business goals. You can go on that month long vacation knowing that when you get back, everything will be the same or better than when you left. Great Job!

If not, your business need help to get it to where you expect it to be.

I want to put this in terms that almost every single person will understand. Your business is your baby. Even if you don’t have children, you have friends or family that do. You understand that for that first few months/years, it takes all of your attention. And after those baby years, it still needs your attention to grow properly. But it needs more than just you. It needs doctors, teachers, coaches, mentors throughout it’s life. If it’s so easy to understand this when raising a child, why is it so hard to think it is the same for your business.

Yes, you have been doing fine. But you expected to be better off than where you are, didn’t you? You put the work in every day. You are a competent person and know how to run your business. You have a lot of experience. So why isn’t it working the way you expect? Why would you need help?

You can do a lot, but your strengths are most likely not in all areas, sales, marketing, accounting, inventory, manufacturing, distribution, etc. Your business may not touch all of those areas, but it touches a lot of them. When you have the right people in place, it is amazing what happens.

Do you have the right people in place? Are you using the best sales model? Does it match your marketing? Are you using the best means of distribution? If you have a website do you have the best SEO and SEM?

What I have found is that many business owners know there core offering better than anyone else. They know the pros and cons of it. They know what problems it solves. They know why people will want it. That’s why they started their business. They may also have strengths in other areas. The problems come when they try to do it all by themselves, or when they don’t have the right people helping.

Don’t you want to be able to take a vacation and not worry about your business? Don’t you want to feel that it can take care of itself and you at the same time? When you get the right help and develop it correctly, it will.

In the end, when people look at your grown baby, they’ll say, “Wow, you have a great kid! You did a great job!” They don’t say, “Wow, you have a great kid! You must have good doctors, teachers, baby sitters and help.” Whether you had help or not, you get full credit. They know you made the right decisions that were needed to develop your business into a fully stable, functional business. Great Job!

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