8 Reasons to Outsource

8 Reasons Companies Need an Outsourced Sales Manager

1. Owners hate sales management and avoid the necessary work

2. Promoting a high-performing salesperson to sales manager rarely works.

3. Selling sales managers underperform vs. exclusive sales managers

4. A little bit of sales management goes a long way… coaching, accountability, pipeline management

5. 1/3 the time of a sales management pro yields better results than 100% of the time of an average sales manager

6. Many companies do not have a proven prospecting process, sales process, closing process, and accountability system. Sales managers create them.

7. Every salesperson, even a business owner, will sell more with a sales manager helping them

8. Without a quality sales manager, the inmates are running the asylum.


If you have ever felt like you were hostage to your sales team, you know what I mean.