About Rob Bedell

Improving the sales process, improves all sales

I got to the top of my profession before I was 40. I was a publisher of a magazine group. I quickly found that everything that I thought I wanted, what you were suppose to want and drive for, was not what I wanted. It didn’t help that the owner of the company had some “interesting” ways that he wanted this business ran to succeed. Needless to say, my ethics and morals got in the way. So I had to reassess what I wanted to do next.

I looked at everything that I’ve done throughout my professional career and thought about what I enjoyed most. I loved selling advertising, but not just for the sale or the money. I really enjoyed working with clients that let me help develop the ads. Helping them accomplish their marketing goals and seeing them succeed was great for me.

Then I looked at other positions I held outside of adverting and realized the ones that I was most happy doing and did the best with, were the ones that I helped a company fix what wasn’t working and create a successful business model.

And that’s when I realized that I am happiest when I help other businesses and people succeed. I have Lean 6 Sigma certification.

This is also true in my personal life. I am a fourth degree black belt in Hapkido. I thought when I got my black belt it was the best feeling that I ever had and nothing could top it. I had that thought until one of my students, that I taught from white belt, got his black belt. Then I realized that helping other people get that feeling that I had achieving my black belt was even better.

So both in my professional and personal life, my goal is the same. To help others get the chance of that feeling of success.

Experience – here are some samples of my experience and success.

New Times, Inc

This is where I started my career with advertising sales. Within two years, I was promoted to sales manager and then in another two years, promoted again to director and was one of the prinicples in buidling the newspaper in Los Angeles. I developed personal and team sales goals and strategies.

Daily Breeze

I took an underpreforming sales team and within 6 months was able to surpass projections through sales strategies and incentive programs.


I managed all of the west coast affiliates. I created programs with them to combine their print and online sales. I was able to turn one affiliate around from one of the worst preforming affiliates to one of the best within 6 months after getting buy in from top management.

Santa Monica Mirror

Consulted with newspaper on their classified department. Was able to triple revenue and increase page yield 30%, adding directly to the bottom line.


Took two under-preforming divisions and made them successful and profiltable within six months. Created a stronger bond with distributors through open, honest communication. Restructured one division to have more accountability and introduce a CRM system to track sales and help coach on any issues.

Research Specialist Inc.

Grew revenue over 300% in six years. With buy in and assistance with owners, restructured staffing responsibilties and goals. Added new positions to ensure business was scalable. Develop relationships with top clients in the industry.