What is Fractional Sales Management

 You may have heard of a Fractional CFO. Small businesses bring them in when they know they could not afford a full time CFO, but understand they need their knowledge. This has been around for over a decade with a lot of success. Fractional Sales Management is the same structure. So why hire the wrong person to run you team full time?

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Do you really want to hire another average sales manager

I provide contract sales managerment for companies with: 1) no sales manager 3) a under-performing sales manager 2) a split time sales manager(they manage and sell as well) 4) owner serving as a sales manager, Our premise is that a $150,000 sales management professional working with your team on a part time basis will have more impact than a full-time average performer or a small part of the owner’s time.

Each week I spend a half day working on your company’s needs and perform the high impact sales management activities that drives the sales effort forward. I work on creating a proven repeatable sale process, managing a pipeline, and managing goals. Each program is custom tailored to your needs. By building a sales system that is sustainable and precise, it will create a consistent process for the entire team, but still have the individual touch each salesperson needs.

Together, we make the team more effective and accountable by developing: 1) sales force automation, 2) lead generation, 3) sales training. We make positive long-term changes that drive your business ahead and help you maximize your opportunities before the competition does.

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Do you want to leverage your sales team to it’s fullest?

I am a sales problem solver and you will see me help leverage sales. I do things you would, but don’t have the time, or the bandwidth to get it done. Together, our goal is simple. Increase your sales now and build the foundation for increased sales after I am gone. You can expect the systems we implement together to directly impact your top and bottom lines.