What makes Bedell Media and Consulting different

I don’t consider what I do typical. But then again, I’ve never been typical. What I do is make businesses and people more successful. I am successful only if you become more successful!

I start by looking at any money you are leaving on the table or may be missing out on. Most businesses don’t see what they are missing out on because they are involved every day doing it.

One client had some customers that would call in when they needed their product. No one ever followed up with these people. They weren’t their main customers or the main part of their business, so they didn’t really think about them. I asked about it and showed them that by servicing these clients, it could add up to $400,000 per year or more. They were able to create a whole new business from it.

A second client was following up with all of the people who ordered, but the sales team was not trained properly. They didn’t know what to ask and how to position what they had compared to the market. The first year after I trained them, they grew 10% from the same book of business. By simply knowing how to sell, they got more from the business they already had.

Most businesses can grow their revenue from customers over looked or from the fact that their staff does not have the training they need. This can have an immediate positive impact on a business’ bottom line. How much money is your business missing?

The next thing I look for is the companies infrastructure and business plan. Is everything set up the best way and is it scalable so the business can grow? Do they have the right people in place? As with a child, I learned that what a business starts out with, may not be what they need as it grows.

If you can step back from your business and take an impartial look at your business, you may be able to see this. But most people cannot do that. It’s too close to you. And even the ones that can do it a little bit, miss some critical parts. It’s just too close to them.

Once we take care of the immediate fixes, then we can look at where you want to go and how to get there.

Other areas we’ll cover:

Where do you fit in the market?

Who is your audience?

What CRM system do you have in place?

How much competition do you have? Where do you fit among them?

How are you different, i.e. what do you do that they don’t?

What is your capacity?

How is your offering/product distributed?

What is your sales model?

Does your marketing tie into your sales model?

How does your work flow look?

What is your pricing? Why?

What does your staffing look like?

Do you have the right people?