What is Sales?

The definition of Sales is: operations and activities involved in promoting and transferring good and services. Granted, there are many different variations of this definition, but this is the base of it. Just as there are many different ways to define what “Sales” is, there seem to be as many, if not more, ideas of how to sell.

A lot depends on what kind of sales it is, direct, distribution, outside, inside, etc. But before we try to dive into all of the different types and ways to sell, I want to define the 10,000 foot level of, what is Sales?

Some may ask why I would want to do that? Anyone in sales should already understand what you are explaining after the first sentence. But sales effects many more people and departments that are not directly involved with the sale and sales process. A lot of times, ownership or the management/executive team, may not truly understand what sales is. They may guess and think it’s talking about what we have and why they client needs it. And to a degree, that is true. But there is more. And it’s not that complicated, as long as you don’t make it complicated.

My definition of what Sales is: Starting a conversation to determine if there is a common need. Sounds pretty simple huh? Sales is starting a conversation. But keep in mind the different aspects of starting a conversation.

When you start a conversation, are you planning on just telling the other person everything you have to say and then walk away? That’s not a conversation. When you start a conversation, do you just want to tell them how good you are and how great things are for you? Again, not a conversation. When you start a conversation, do you already have in mind everything that you want to talk about regardless of what they have to say. One more time, that’s not a conversation.

The definition of a “Conversation” is: the informal exchange of ideas by spoken word. The key word in that sentence is “exchange”. It is not one party dictating to the other party their ideas. It’s an exchange. And within that exchange, your message will change based on the information from the other party. If it doesn’t, you’re just trying to impose your message regardless of the feedback or needs from the other party. Not a conversation!

So the 10,000 foot level definition of sales is you are “trying to start a conversation.” Now that doesn’t seem so hard or daunting now, does it? Yes, there is a lot more that is involved in sales, sales types, changing the tone or message per market, and much, much more.

This should give you the most basic of understanding of sales, but if you don’t know this, than trying to add to it becomes much harder. And if you’re in another department, not directly involved in sales and the sales process, this will help you understand what they are doing. So do you feel like you understand “What is Sales?”

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