Sales Consultant – Sales Coach

Maybe the only thing hurting your business is the lack of sales, which is what almost every business will say. We need more sales. How do we get more? You may need a sales consultant or sales coach. Someone with a fresh set of eyes to see what you’re missing or to help your sales people get more out of their efforts.

Sales Consultant

How much money are you leaving on the table? What markets should you be in, but are not? Do your salespeople have the right training? These are questions you should ask yourself regularly. Sometimes, it’s hard to get to the correct answer if you are too close to the people and process. Sometimes, you’d be amazed at what an extra set of eyes from the outside can do for your business.

A sales consultant can help you not only answer those questions, but also help you see thing you never saw before. While consulting with a manufacturing company, I went through their numbers and found a whole set of business that no one was following up with. They were not their biggest accounts, in fact, they were the opposite. They ony ordered about $200 per month. But get this, they had 2,000 to 2,500 of them. That is $400.000 to $500,000 that was left sitting alone, hoping that they call back. This was one of the biggest piles of money that I found, but there are more. Is there one sitting on your table, that you aren’t seeing?

Are you in all of the markets that you should be? Too many times businesses make one really big mistake. They think they know who their clients are. A work glove company started out focusing only on gloves for men. Then they developed gloves for women. Now, this wasn’t a huge market for them, but it was a very loyal one. One that once they got them in the door, they constantly came back and even better, they told all of their friends how much they loved them, so more business walked through the door with little to no effort.

Another big mistake that a lot of businesses do is think that their salespeople have all of the training they need. The truth is a lot of salespeople do not know how to sell. I know this sounds shocking, but it’s true. And some companies, over-train their people. They throw so much at them, that they get paralyzed. Sales is simple and if you teach the fundamentals of selling, that’s all you need. Sales is simply starting a conversation and then listening. Sales is like the human body, two ears, one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve trained salespeople and at the end, they look at me and say, “I get it now. That’s not hard.”

Bringing in an outside sales consultant can grow your business, through finding the money that’s sitting right there, being in all of the markets that you belong in and ensuring that your sales team has all of the tools and training they need. If you want to watch your bottom line grow, set up a consultation now!

Sales Coach

If you have a new business with sales people, but not enough to warrant a $60,000-80,000 or more sales manager, you may want to use a sales coach. If you don’t have a lot of experience in sales and managing sales people, you may want to use a sales coach. If your sales people are unclear as to who they are calling, where your product fits in the market and do not know the sales message, you may want to use a sales coach.

What does a sales coach do?

Makes clear of who they are calling, what the strategies are, how you compare in the market and teaches them the sales message. They work with each of your sales people to develop their strenghts and focus their energies on the right prospects. Basically, helps develop each sales person’s sales plan.

A sales coach will help them develop the correct habits to be successful. How to manage their time, use the right tools, and eliminate any bad habits that are stalling the salesperson.

They also advise the salesperson when they hit a block in their sales and help them find a way to get past it. Whether it’s an objection they have a hard time with, or not know what follow up questions to ask, the sales coach is their sounding board. And of course, a sales coach is their to motivate the sales people to be the best they can be.