Why would you need a consultant

Why you should NOT work with a consultant.

If you feel you know your business better than anyone else ever could and that no one else can show you anything, then you do not need a consultant. You will not be successful with one and it won’t work for either party. So keep doing what you’re doing and see if anything changes.

If you have to shut your doors in a few months and are desperate to keep it going, you’re too late and a consultant can’t help you. I might be able to help you exit better, but most likely, you’re too late to save the whole thing.

If you tried using one before without asking any questions up front and think they’re all just here to take your money and are crooks, then you shouldn’t use a consultant. In your mind, it will never work, so it never will.

If you think someone can walk into your business, make changes and your business will be successful over night, you shouldn’t work with a consultant. It took you a while to get your business to where it is. It will take a bit to get it to where you want to be.

You should work with a consulting:

If you know that there may some ways to improve your business, you are open to new ideas and feel you can get more out of your business, then you should talk to a business consultant.

If your business is doing well, but you know you could be doing better or more, then you should talk to a consultant.

If your business is doing well, but you’d like to have more time and money to spend with your friends and family, then you may want to talk to a consultant.

If you realize that it’s your baby, but you’re not in it alone and that you can get help, where and when you need it, then it’s time. Let’s talk.

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