Working Capital

There are times when I talk to a business about optimizing their sales by improving their sales process and they need quicker access to money. Putting a successful, repeatable sales process takes a few months to set up and every business should have one in place. There are times when a business has a more immediate need. I can help them on that front as well, but giving them access to working capital.

Whether a business needs money to buy new equipment or expand their business, I help them get the money they need to grow their business. Construction businesses often need more working capital on hand to cover payroll and supplies until they get paid. Some businesses need extra working capital to cover payroll if they have a slow quarter.

Here is the basic breakdown of the flagship product I can help provide.

Up to $250,000.

0% interest up to 24 months

Over 90% approval

Unsecure, i.e. you don’t need to put up your house, part of your business, etc.

Regardless of the need for working capital, i.e. to save a business, maintain it or grow it, I help businesses with it all.

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